7 Rules of the social media

March 13, 2018 | by ambrela

1.Design a strategy and set up a budget for your appearance on the social media. Give yourselves some realistic answers on what and in which period of time you want to achieve it. Writing a status only, is simply not enough. Think about writing a blog, making a video, activating an application or an add.

2. Follow the rules and the spirit of the social networks on which you are present. Each social network has its own rules about things as for example, promotion and advertising.

3. Be useful and share quality information and knowledge related to your business with your community. Do not just read other people’s statuses and posts. Participate. Contribute. Be careful not to spam, that is, congest the channels with unnecessary announcements aimed only at getting their numbers up.  Keep in mind that quality is always ahead of quantity.

4. Respond quickly to inquiries, at least within 60min. Attention is a strange thing, your target audience might quickly wander on elsewhere.

5. Be transparent. If you are expected to have an opinion on certain things, think three times before posting and consult with your superiors before doing so. Once on the Internet it stays on the Internet forever.

6. Share relevant information. Fiction belongs with fantasy movies and popcorn.

7. Analyze the communication trends in on your page / profile and be active at the same time your target group is active. It makes no sense to post and publish at the time when it will go unnoticed.