PR – has it’s all been done before?

March 13, 2018 | by ambrela

This is the time of one of the worst financial crisis, the final ruin of the system we believed in as children and nostalgia for good old times on the one hand and the explosion of new technologies and innovations, new professions and habits, an enormous amount of information for a human brain to absorb and the excitement for the changes we all are living on the other. The situation is seemingly so chaotic that even the smallest step forward seems almost impossible. The public relations’ role is therefore, to connect all the above mentioned moments in a meaningful whole and come up with a communications strategy that will facilitate the appearance on our clients not only on the market, but also in the society as a whole and make them stand out from the masses.

How can you identify the right strategy that will make your business soar? Preparing a press release and sending it to a list of media is simply not enough. Most of them finish up in the Recycle Bin even before they are read anyway. This is a far more complex process that requires clearly defined objectives by a company or a brand, which, like any other form of strategic planning, should be determined for a longer period of time, sometimes even for several years in advance.

It is important to remember that these goals should be realistic and obtainable, feasible and effective, and above all it is necessary to understand the target audience and the specific people you are addressing. What do we wish to tell them, through which channels and in what way? Not all of them are always available. In a world congested with all sorts of messages, ever growing competition and smaller budgets, key messages should be clear, concise, easy to remember, and most importantly, reliable.

One of the greatest challenges for every PR company is to develop a successful strategy for a company or a brand. In a world where everything has already been seen and tried and nothing is shocking, the challenge is to arouse interest, but it is more challenging to encourage a large number of individuals to get involved. This is of crucial importance for a successful campaign. Creativity and the ability to adapt to a situation comes into focus now, since it is clear that not everybody has the means to stage a campaign such as, Felix Baumgartner’s space jump which was made possible by Red Bull.

Opportunities are all around us and all we have to do is notice them and find a smart way to use them. Exact sciences teach us that not the strongest survive, but those who learn to adapt. Also those who, we might add, just like us, look for communication opportunities with our eyes wide open.